John early 90's
My name is John and I'm a homebrewer. By day I am an Information Services professional. With my free time I brew, drink, write, and read/learn beer. 

After dabbling with fermenting juice aka 'prison wine' way back in the 80's, in 2010 I purchased a home brew setup off Craigslist from a guy getting out of the hobby, and I began brewing beer. It has been a bit of an obsession ever since.

The purpose of is to document my own brewing experiences in hopes that my mistakes as well as accomplishments can help, or at least entertain others. My other intent is to showcase the beer and associated culture of beer in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer at FullSail
My creative wife, Jennifer, also enjoys the occasional pint when she is making soap and updating

Drop me a note: john{at}reedbrewing{dot}com