The HopCam established 7/28/2011!
August 22 2011 - picked a few for inspection.

I am very paranoid about mite infestation, so my daughter and I picked a few to inspect today.

The aroma has finally really hit with these and they smell great.

August 14 2011 - very close to harvest time

I call it 'swing-set' hop farming May 14 2011 (At least my daughter still has one swing)

  • Centenial on the left
  • Tettnanger on the right

July 17 2011

  • Notice that I had to extend the hop pole
  • Tettnanger (was on the right side) actually died off thanks to Kennewick Irrigation District and their "hottest week of the year" no water issues. I am hoping it will come back next year.

  • lots of small hop flowers are forming.