Monday, November 18, 2013


I just received the score from the BJCP exam I took last August(2013). Finally, I am a certified beer judge. Many thanks to James Golovich for putting on the exam and BJCP study group all summer long. Also, many thanks to Kyle and the folks at Shrub Steppe Brewing for providing the space and helping promote beer culture in the Columbia Basin.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cleaning a Heat Exchanger

Attention to cleanliness is paramount when it comes to making beer. Bacteria is on everything all the time, which can and will cause unwanted off-flavors in your finished beer. I know all of this and yet I still never really considered cleaning my heat exchanger properly.

After a brew day I would stick the garden hose into the ports on the exchange and rinse out the brown wort and hop debris until it stopped coming out. I figured the rinse was enough, since I sanitize before each use. Enough until my good friend and great brewer, Kyle, made a comment about cleaning heat exchangers. I guess I had not really considered it until then.