Thursday, March 21, 2013

YakiVegas IPA Review

National Homebrew Conference 2012 and the Yakima Washington brew club made a beer for NHC 2012, which was in Seattle. Everyone in Eastern Washington was excited for NHC to be in our backyard. While at NHC I commented to Chad Robers, Head Brewer at Snipes Mountain Brewery, how much I liked the Yakima Brew Club's bottles of IPA. I was refering to the labels, because I had not had the oportunity to try the beer. Months and months later I was at Snipes Brewery and Chad had something for me. It was a bottle of the Yakivegas IPA. I was truly amazed that Chad had remembered and actually took the time to set a bottle aside. He said not to drink it because the beer was presumably bad, since so much time had passed since bottling.

Tonight I cracked open my sole bottle of Yakivegas IPA. The carbonation is spot on and color is golden while white stripes of Belgian lace cling to the sides of the glass. There was very little aroma, maybe subtle mint and alcohol with an underlying dankness that is very subtle. The taste is very hop forward with a strikingly clean bitter that lingers and fades into an alley dumpster behind a floral shop after mothers day, but in a good way. The front of the mouth is all malt meets carbonation. The beer is well attenuated and well made. Not to mention, aged well. Considering my bottle is almost 1 year old, I would say the Yakivegas IPA is fantastic, and I wish I had another...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stir rod fits the ball valve perfectly

Stir Rod stuck inside the ball
I accidentally poured my stir rod into my conical fermenter along with the yeast I had prepared. I figured it would come out when I dropped the yeast out after fermentation, but it did not come out. It is a magnet, so perhaps it was stuck to something. Today I racked my Traditional Bock into kegs, and still no stir rod. It wasn't until I tried to fully open my bottom ball valve did I notice it would not fully open. The stir rod fits almost perfectly into the ball inside the ball valve.

To get it out I was forced to open my ball valve, which has never done. the valves have been in use since last May when then conical was purchased. The insides of the valve was pretty bad, probably 8 batches of beer have gone through this valve and it was overdue for a cleaning. Of course, this prompted me to disassemble the racking arm valve, which happened to be in worse shape, and do the same exact thing.

I see butterfly valves in my future