Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reed Brewing's Weizen-Eisbock


The local Homebrew club, Mid-Columbia Zymurgy Association, had the Fall Megabrew on Saturday November 11. This event is where the club gets to brew on a large scale commercial brewery, many thanks to Ice Harbor Brewery, and make hundreds of gallons or wort so that each club member, and non-member, is able to get a carboy filled with wort for a nominal fee to cover the costs of grain and other supplies.
This particular Megabrew was a Weizenbock, which I was not all that excited about, so, since the holidays were coming up, I decided to make a winter warmer out of it. I had a Pilsner that had just finished fermenting so I figured I would use the lager yeast from the Pilsner and just dump my 5 gallons of Weizenbock on top of it. There was still probably a gallon of Pilsner still in my conical fermenter. The Weizenbock fermented down to 1.015 from 1.072.
I really wanted to experiment with this one, so I made a tincture of 8oz Vodka with cinnamon, ginger, clove, and allspice. I let that sit for a week while the beer was fermenting. After fermentation I dumped the tincture into a keg along with the WeizenBock.