Friday, February 24, 2012

Fat Tuesday in Prosser

Everyone goes to Prosser Washington for the Columbia Valley Wine, but the Reeds go for the terrific beer. Horse Heaven Hills Brewery is located in down town Prosser, and they make some fine beer. Tomorrow evening we will be on location to celebrate Fat Tuesday. HHHB are bringing in a Reggae band and cooking up some Jambalaya and Po boys. Last time I was in they did not have the Delta Pale Ale, which features Calypso and, my personal favourite hop, Delta.

The review:

We did go with another couple to this event to celebrate Fat Tuesday. We found baby sitting and drove over to Prosser, Hop country. The room was filled to capacity and the friendly wait staff was very accommodating.

The Delta pale ale did not disappoint whatsoever; however, most of the rest did. the Dark Cherry Stout, which is what two in our party had, was not the same nitro dark cherry stout my wife and I had 6 months previous. This version had elements of cough syrup.

There was a terrific band of young white guys doing reggae. I say they are young because they have not yet learned to play to the room; this one is small. They were not playing speed metal and the audience was not in in their early 20's, in fact, I would say the median age of the audience was around 50. Too loud! Way too loud! All of them were good players, but Jesus...

We had dinner, which was Jambalaya or a Po Boy. The Jambalaya I thought was seasoned well, but my portion had two small chunks of chicken and one small chunk of sausage, and it was not Andoullie. It was also very dry. I basically paid $12.00 for a plate of dry tomatoey rice. One in our party had a Po Boy, which was pulled pork on a Hoagie roll, and is also on their regular menu, but is called a pulled pork Hoagie. The food is done by Hogg Heaven BBQ, which is a new addition to HHHB. Someone should probably actually go to Louisiana to understand what it is or what it should be. It's like if I were to brew a golden strong ale without ever having drank a Duvel, how would I know?

After dinner, and the one beer, our party immediately left with ringing ears and a bit let down. We ended up stopping at Whistran Brewing, also in Prosser, for a 7 sample flight, but that is another post.

 I will definitely go back to HHHB soon and have some BBQ while enjoying a Delta Pale Ale. The food is a nice addition to a great brewery, and I'm sure the BBQ is good. I do not think I will go back for another theme night.

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