Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brew Pal 2.0 - The only reason I still use an Iphone

Brew Pal 2.0 is coming soon!!!!

Correction - 2.0 is out now. Check iTunes and download Brew Pal 2.0... There are a couple tools that were left out of 2.0, but Dave says will be available in 2.1.

  • Refractometer tool
  • water per pound of grain adjustment
  • total water volume
  • batch sparge ratio


Dave Parker, creator of Brew Pal, says 2.0 will be submitted to the app store very soon. Dave said "the testing is much more work than I anticipated." Since Brew Pal 2 is a complete 'back-end' change he wants to make sure it is compatible with brew pal 1 so that users do not lose their current recipes.

With Brew Pal anywhere and any time I am able to pull out the Iphone and design a recipe, or tweak another, and even use the refractometer tool to find a gravity. On brew day there are timers for the kettle, fermentation, etc... This software does everything! It is literally the only reason I have an Iphone.

The current version of Brew Pal 1.6.12 is only .99 at the app store, but worth much more.

  • “It's the single best piece of brewing equipment I own.”
  • “Hey man, thanks again for a great app. I use brewpal more than anything else on my phone. It has actually increased my brewing tenfold.”
  • “This is the only brewing app I use anymore!”
  • “This is a great app! Used it to homebrew a Porter last week. Very useful.”
  • “Wow! I just stumbled across your application and I'm BLOWN away. It does 80% of what beer alchemy does at 1/30 of the price! I love, love, love this application”
  • “I got the update this morning and it rocks. This is my go to brewing software now. I'm looking forward to the next update.”
  • “Brilliant app! I have a mac and have yet to find any software that I like. Now I don't even need my computer at all for brewing! Thanks for your hard work.”
  • “best. app. ever.”
  • “Yeah this app should be featured in the commercials.”

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