Sunday, August 7, 2011

White Bluffs Brewing

White Bluffs Brewing - Richland Wa
White Bluffs is my go to Brewery to get my 'Beer Nerd' on. There is typically a few beer nerds at the bar talking about beer and brewing, while an array of beer enthusiasts of all ages, colors, and creeds fill the rest. The Brewery is family owned and operated by the Sutherlands. Brewmeister Mike Sutherland has the taste and style to make the great beer that has gained a devoted following. Yours truly even helps brew, when I have a free Saturday morning and not brewing my own.

Mike Sutherland and Snipes Brewery's own Chad Roberts
Mike does an excellent job with typical American Micro Brewery offerings (IPA-Wheat-Red), the best in the area, but Mike's French family roots have inspired him to turn out some memorable French farmhouse style ales such as Saison, Bier De Garde, Bier De Ambre, in addition to traditional German styles (don't miss the Dunkel), like brewdad says, White Bluffs is yet another reason to visit the Tri-Cities.

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