Monday, August 8, 2011

Update - Malted Milk Stout

Airlock bubbles have slowed to a crawl and the refractometer tells me I am at about 7.25 (1.007) brix with an original gravity of 1.064 and that gives me an ABV that is a big 7.49%

It has only been fermenting for 6 days and is about at the end of fermentation. Tonight I will put it in a refrigerator until this weekend, when I will rack it to a secondary carboy and let it sit another two weeks before kegging.

Possible mistakes on this one:

  • Ambient temperature in the house was in the mid-70's and i opted to ferment in the house (the wife loves that) instead of my temperature controlled kegerator in the garage. At the height of fermentation the small fish tank adhesive temperature strip told me the wort was at 80.  I'm afraid the yeast will add too much 'flavor' because of the high temperature. 
  • I forgot to treat my water. By style there is supposed to be gypsum and calcium chloride; however, I do not have any gypsum. I decided to try an experiment, I boiled a cup of water, added calcium chloride, calcium carbonate, and kosher salt (I have read that in small amounts it can enhance certain flavors, just like in other foods). I dumped this solution into my fermenting wort in hopes that it will harden up the spring water I use and give a crispness to the stout.

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