Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Malted milk stout - Brew Day

Malted Milk Stout
So I should start off by saying I typically do not enjoy Stouts and Porters. They always taste like some sort of bitter something or other and people repeatedly do the "Extreme Bitter" that is found everywhere. I do; however, really like Guinness and Iron Horse Brewery's Irish Death, made in Ellensburg Washington. In my opinion it is much more 'extreme' to find the balance rather than hide flaws with hops and other bittering sources.

This was a pretty good brew day, began at 6:00am and finished at 11:30am, which does include clean-up. 

First runnings - 1.063

This is the first time I re-used yeast. I saved a Yeast cake from my previous batch of DATD ESB and simply refidgerated it, warmed it up, and added 1/2 a quart of wort I had previously prepared. (freeze your extra wort and use for yeast starters)

I saw airlock activity around 3:00pm. Later on tonight, when this guy starts seriously blowing off CO2, I will replace the airlock with a blow-off.

pre-boil - 1.044
OG - 1.064
Efficiency 78.7%


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