Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down at the delta jello

A commercial brewer friend of mine uses gelatin to help clear things up, I have been doing the same. It is pretty easy to do and if it helps drop more of the suspended particles out then why not.

Yesterday I could not wait for the Delta any longer and decided to gelatinize it. Today I will rack it into a sterilized empty keg and get the co2 on it. I normally wait 48-72 hours for the gelatine to settle.

I use unflavored Knox gelatin

This is my Gelatin process:

1 cup boiling water
1package gelatin

Boil water in a small pan.
Remove pan from heat source (do not put gelatin in boiling water, let the temp drop).
Stir in gelatin until dissolved.
Pour contents of pan into your beer (you sterilized the pan by boiling the water so don't get all anal about it) during the end of the secondary stage, or end of primary if that's how you do it. Basically 1-3 days before you rack or bottle.
Put airlock or cap back on, and swish the wort around the fermenter to make sure the gelatin is evenly distributed.

Wait 24-72 hours and rack to keg or bottling bucket. By this time the gelatin will have solidified and taken a bunch of stuff with it to the bottom of the fermenter.


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