Sunday, July 17, 2011

3rd place English Pale - Ohio Brew Week Homebrew Competition

How cool is that? My "Down at the Delta ESB" took third in the 8A-C and 11A-C, English Pale and English Brown Ales.
2011 Ohio Brew Week Homebrew Competition Results

I actually had some issues with bottling this one and I know it was completely flat. I was in a rush to bottle and send this one off before the competition closing date, so I did not actually open a bottle before I sent it. I'm glad I did!

The bottling issue was that I had my kegerator temperature up around 62F since I was using it to ferment my, PolusWiezen (HeffeWiezen), and my ESB was at 62F. The bottling was pure foam and the CO2 completely came out of the solution. Chalk another one up to experience. "always bottle very cold!"

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